Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Capture the Romance

Photographer Shoots
Honeymoon photos really help to capture the romance and beauty of your Hawaiian vacation.

Hawaiian Vacation
Happy Ending

Beautiful Waimanalo

Honeymoon in HawaiiRomantic Vacation

Hard to beat the beauty of Waimanalo Beach! The turquoise water color is fabulous!

2 Angles, Both Beautiful!

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Gorgeous photos from every angle! This is why it's even better when we have two Photographers.
Beach Weddings

Eddie & Maricel

This couple on their honeymoon saw us shooting photos at Waimanalo Beach so they asked us to shoot some pics for them. Happy to be of service.

And we have more photos to put in our Photo Gallery too!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Special Guest

We don't often see pets at weddings, but we're happy Eric & Sandra were able to bring their special guest with them.

Romantic Beach

If you want to take a romantic walk on a nice sandy beach, Waimanalo Beach has the most of it.

Marriage License Signing

Signing Ceremony
A witness is no longer needed for the Marriage License signing,
but Eric & Sandra are covered just in case.

Exchanging Wedding Rings

Bridal Dream Hawaii

I Thee Wed
Usually the Photographer's favorite part of the wedding ceremony, exchanging of rings.

Favorite Photo
Just Married

Gorgeous Spot!

Waimanalo Beach
Eric & Sandra have it made in the shade! What a splendid backdrop for wedding photos at Waimanalo Beach.

Haku Lei

The Bride's haku lei is beautiful! Flowers tell everyone that today is a special occasion.

See more haku leis at:
 Hawaii Wedding Flowers

Eric & Sandra

Eric & Sandra brought their special guest to witness their joining hearts at Waimanalo Beach.

special friend

If he's special to you, he's special to us!

Fabulous Photos

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Orchid Bouquet
Gorgeous Photos
Fabulous wedding photos in Waimanalo (Windward Oahu).

David & Alison

Oahu Transportation

Wedding partyWindward Oahu

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Beautiful wedding at Waimanalo Beach with David & Alison.
Photos by Robert Hamilton, ceremony by Rev. Kimo.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Amazing Beach

Kalama Park
Absolutely amazing beach in Kailua by Kalama Park.

Nice Smiles!

Happy to see the Bride & Groom's nice smiles. Thank you for using Bridal Dream Hawaii for your wedding at Kailua Beach!

Daniel & Bethany

Beautiful wedding at Kailua Beach on December 6, 2014.
Congratulations to Daniel & Bethany!