Sunday, May 30, 2021

Wedding Anniversary at Waimanalo Bay


Waimanalo Bay
Ken and Lisa have their own little ceremony at Waimanalo Bay Oahu to celebrate 30 years of Marriage.
Waimanalo Beach

Waimanalo Hawaii
Waimanalo Bay is one of the most scenic beaches on the Island of Oahu. Don't finish your Hawaiian vacation without dropping by this amazing place!
Hawaii Weddings
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Vow Renewal

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Hawaii Wedding Photos by Bridal Dream Hawaii, 808-924-3600

Bride in Waimanalo


Wedding Photo Gallery
Could there be a more stunning location to shoot photos of your beautiful Bride? Add a cheerful smile to the mix and, voila!
Hawaii Bridal

Oahu Hawaii
Amazing scenery at Waimanalo Beach in East Oahu. Bridal photography by Robert Hamilton.
Awesome Photography

Beautiful Day to Get Married


Wedding Guests
Lovely weather at Waimanalo Bay, perfect for a beach wedding on the Island of Oahu.
Oahu Beach

Waimanalo Hawaii
Rabbit Island is a famous landmark in Waimanalo, Hawaii.
Marriage Ceremony

Hawaii Wedding Photos
You may kiss the Bride!

Don't mind if I do!

Blow the Shell
Hawaiian Minister blows the conch shell announcing an important event is taking place.  
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Wedding Music
Nice way to finish the ceremony with Hawaiian Ukulele Music.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Tie the Knot at Makapuu


Rev Michael
Wedding ceremony at Makapuu Beach by Rev Michael. This Minister has an easy-going plain speaking ceremony style. Highly recommended!

Awesome Photographer too! The photos speak for themselves. More photos at: MAKAPUU PHOTO SHOOT

Oahu Wedding Minister

Oahu Photographer


Makapuu Wedding

Oahu Hawaii

Thursday, May 13, 2021

10th Anniversary


Wedding Vow Renewal
Jameson & Ashley renew their wedding vows at Waimanalo Beach on their 10th anniversary. Great idea! Now the kids can participate too.

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Rev Kimo

Wedding Ceremony
Rev Kimo is the same Hawaiian Wedding Minister who married this couple 10 years ago!
Hawaii Wedding Photos
Exchanging wedding rings is a beautiful tradition symbolizing lifelong commitment and marital faithfulness.
Wedding Celebration
I'm sure the Haupia (coconut pudding) cake is a hit with the kids. Sparkling apple cider hits the spot too. Great idea to get the children interested.
Jameson & Ashley
I like to get a few photos in the greenery of Sherwood Forest near Bellows Beach.