Sunday, October 13, 2013

Stunning Wedding Photos!

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Absolutely amazing wedding photos at Waimanalo Beach! What a beautiful place to get married!
Wedding in Hawaii

Photographer at Waimanalo Beach

Waimanalo Wedding PhotosPhotographer and Musician
Photographer Robert checks the image on his camera after the shot.
Ukulele Player Bernard waits for his next song.

Sho & Yu get married at Waimanalo Beach

Sho places the wedding ring on Yu's finger. Photographer Robert captures the action.

Waimanalo Arch & Chairs

Waimanalo Beach
Sho waits for his bride Yu to make her entrance.

Waimanalo Beach is one of the few locations on Oahu where we can set up our Bamboo Arch and Chairs. See our ROYAL WAIMANALO WEDDING.

Waimanalo Blue Sky, Turquoise Ocean

Bridal Dream Hawaii
The colors of the sky and ocean at Waimanalo Beach are hard to beat.
Waimanalo Bay

Fantastic Photos!

As long as we have a blue sky at Waimanalo you know the photos will come out spectacular!

Bride & Groom stroll at Waimanalo Bay

Yu & Sho from Japan, walking on the beach at Waimanalo.