Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Yuya & Yuka

Lovely day for a walk on the beach with Yuya and Yuka. Their names are just one letter different.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Baby Blue

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Today's weather gives us plenty of baby blue. Photo color depends a lot on the location of the sun, how many clouds are in the sky and the time of day.

Oahu Photography


Takuro & Sayuri

Wedding in Waimanalo
Takuro and Sayuri have their wedding on the beach at Waimanalo Bay. Photographer Robert is there to capture the precious memories on camera.
Bridal Dream Hawaii

Hawaiian Paradise

Beach Ceremony

Happy Wedding

Seiichiro & Nayumi

Waimanalo Bay

Happy Faces

Pick Her Up

Hawaii Postcard

Rabbit Island
Japanese couple shares a tender moment at Waimanalo Bay. Landmark "Rabbit Island" makes a good backdrop for the photos.

More photos at:

Beautiful Smile!

Waimanalo Bay
Nayumi is a treasure chest full of lovely Bride photos. Bright and cheerful smile and good posing coupled with gorgeous Waimanalo scenery make for some mighty impressive photos!
Great Pose

Bridal Dream Hawaii